Whipcheck Safety Slings

Product Code     Size          Size     
RT203mm12mm to 32mm x 350mm
RT213mm12mm to 32mm (10mm lug one end)
RT253mm12mm to 32mm x 500mm
RT504mm40mm to 75mm x 660mm
RT606mm40mm to 75mm x 790mm
RT704mm45mm to 120mm x 790mm
RT714mm45mm to 120mm x 1200mm



3mm12mm to 32mm x 500mm Stainless steel construction

Working Requirements:


For Hose to Hose Service - the Steel cable with steel ferrules should be used


Stainless Steel for Hose to Hose Service where a high degree of corrosion resistance is needed such as the Petrochemical Industry.




Below: Whipcheck safety sling on application with claw couplings.










To help prevent accidents or injury resulting from Hose or Coupling Failure. 


These strong steel cables help prevent hose whip in case of accidental sepparation of coupling or clamp device. "Whipcheck" reaches across the hose fittings to provide standby for hose. Spring loaded loops in cable ends open easily to pass over the couplings for firm grip on hose, as shown. Thoughrouly tested with years of service.




Whipcheck Socks







 RT20WS   3mm25mm x 870mm Long
 RT25WS  3mm40mm x 1130mm Long
 RT50WS  3mm50mm x 1320mm Long
 RT70WS  3mm80mm x 1700mm Long
 RT71WS  3mm100mm x 1950mm Long